Our Company

Frontier Lodging Solutions originated from a recognition that corporate and workforce accommodations coordination and management required a unique approach and execution.


At the peak of their successful career in travel management, David Kruschell and Richard Gardner were working with over 600 corporate clients by the time they sold UNIGLOBE Travel in 2018. Through their experiences working with companies with diverse requirements, they realized many of them needed a new solution to provide accommodations for employees or crews in rural and remote locations.


Canadian Lodging Solutions was created first as a division of UNIGLOBE Travel in 2014. By early 2018, David and Richard had incorporated CLS as an independent company, adding new services and value to its expanding list of clients.


As the companyy continued its North American expansion, it became clear that it was time for a new name. Frontier Lodging Solutions was chosen to reflect the remote locations that many clients work in. The name also speaks to the company’s innovative culture that has challenged old paradigms, creating new workforce accommodation management solutions.


Driven by the principles of making lodging coordination “Simple, Efficient and Cost Effective,” Frontier has continued to grow, working with companies in many different industries, all with the same common requirement.


Because we specialize in workforce accommodation services, we do it better.



David Kruschell

President & CEO

David has an extensive background in the travel industry having held several key executive positions in this sector over his career. Prior to Frontier Lodging, David was Senior Vice President Client Management & Consulting at Direct Travel, a leader in travel management in north America, employing over 725 travel professionals in Canada. David started his career in travel in 1994 at the Rider BTI Travel Group and held the role of Vice President, Western Canada from 1996 to 2000. David then embarked on an entrepreneurial path acting as partner and President in a series of UNIGLOBE branded businesses. David was able to grow each business through client acquisition and mergers culminating in 2014 with the creation of UNIGLOBE One Travel. By 2018 the company had grown to over 600 corporate clients and over $300,000,000 in annual revenue. In 2018, David and his partners sold Uniglobe One Travel to Direct Travel of Denver, CO.

Richard Gardner


A long-time technology leader and architect, Richard Co-Founded Frontier to fill in the gaps in workforce lodging which Travel Management Companies didn’t address. A veteran of UNIGLOBE ONE as a technology leader, Richard is ideally positioned to craft another tech-enabled service business success.

Andrew Kruschell

Vice President Sales and Service

As a travel management industry sales leader, Andrew oversees the business development team as well as the projects/groups division to generate over 100% growth in the business year over year. Andrew leads from the front, applying his experience with industry giants like Enterprise Rent-a-car.